Oral Presentations


Electronic files can be submitted on the pc in each room. Please upload your presentation before your oral session starts. Technical assistance is available in all three session rooms. Please also introduce yourself to the session chair before the start of the session.


The format of the presentation is preferably one of the following:

PowerPoint 2016 or earlier version

PDF Reader: Adobe Acrobat.

Acceptable video formats (may require conversion, please allow extra time) .mov, .avi, .mpg, .mp4, .wmv



Poster sessions


Tuesday 13 June 2017, 14:50 – 15:50 h in rooms M2/M3 abd M5,

Thursday 15 June 2017, 15:30 – 16:30 h in rooms M2/M3 abd M5,


Each presenter is provided with a 110 cm-high by 85 cm-wide poster board.

This means that we prefer portrait poster formats.


Posters should be set up on the morning of the day of your presentation (name of the first author is indicated on the poster board). Tape is available. Posters can be removed at the end of the day of your presentation.





The official language of the conference is English.

All abstracts and papers must therefore be written and presented in English.


Abstract submission is closed.


Paper submission is closed.




Technical abstract review committee

Ad Reniers (NL)

Akio Okayasu (JPN)

Albert Falques (SP)

Ana Matias (POR)

Andrew Ashton (US)

Brian Greenwood (CAN)

Bruno Castelle (FR)

Dag Myrhaug (NO)

Dano Roelvink (NL)

Derek Jackson (UK)

Diane Foster (US)

Dirk-Jan Walstra (NL)

Edith L. Gallagher (US)

Edward Anthony (FR)

Gerben Ruessink (NL)

Gerd Masselink (UK)

Giovanni Coco (NZ)

Grzegorz Rozynski (PL)

Hans Hanson (SWE)

Hervé Michallet (FR)

Ian L. Turner (AUS)

Iris Moller (UK)

Jack Puleo (US)

Kasper Kærgård (DK)

Kathelijne Wijnberg (NL)

Klaus Schwarzer (DE)

Lars Erik Holmedal (NO)

Magnus Larson (SWE)

Marcel Stive (NL)

Michael Hughes (AUS)

Nadia Senechal (FR)

Niels Gjøls Jacobsen (NL)

Nobuhito Mori (JPN)

Paolo Ciavola (IT)

Paul Russell (UK)

Peter Nielsen (AUS)

Philippe Bonneton (FR)

Raphael Certain (FR)

Rob Holman (US)

Tom O'Donoghue (UK)

Verner Ernstsen (DEN)

Yoshiaki Kuriyama (JPN)

Aart Kroon (DEN)